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Clackamas River

In years past, the OWA has had a very fun camping weekend on the North Santiam River known as boating 101. It is a great mix of experienced boaters and new members/ boaters floating the river, followed by fellowship back at camp. As we adapt to…
01/01/2021 Lower Clackamas, Upper McIver Park to Barton Park, 3000 cfs I'm a glutton for punishment. I really, really wanted to go on the OWA’s New Year’s Day Sandy trip, but instead I went on the Clackamas River. Not that there is anything wrong…

Colorado River - Grand Canyon

We’ll start this story at the Jewels on day 10 of our March 2021 Grand Canyon Trip. The crew of 11 departed Schist Camp on a clear but cool morning happy we didn’t have to get soaked right away. The boatmen all took the driest route Through Boucher…
October 2020, Grand Canyon - Lees Ferry to Pierce Ferry. I began whitewater boating 30 years ago. Right from the beginning I began hearing stories of the infamous Grand Canyon. It has been on my bucket list ever since. My opportunity finally came!…

Deschutes River

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Klickitat River

12/22/2020 Hatchery to Leidl Campground 1500cfs - submitted by Alex Johnson Looking to explore a new river, try out what looked like a fairly close and simple day trip and shake off the quarantine rust, a group of five boaters (featuring 2 OWA…

Lower Salmon River

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Main Salmon River

08/19/21 to 09/02/21, Corn Creek to Heller Bar, 209 miles. In starting a story about a river trip, where do you start? The conception of the idea? The day you apply for a permit? The day you launch? Well, I have a friend who drew a Main Salmon permit for August of 2020. With COVID running strong and the ability to roll the permit to 2021our group decided to wait for 2021. In the fall of 2020 I did do a two boat float on the Lower Salmon where my buddy and I discussed joining the Main permit with the Lower section and running the fifty or so miles between the Main’s Carey Creek take-out and the Lower’s Hammer Creek put-in. We bounced the idea off the permit holder and some of the other participants. The permit holder, Joyce, was a thumbs up, but several of the other folks could only get time off for the Main (poor working stiffs). So it was settled that a larger group would do the Main and a then a subset would continue on to Heller Bar on the Snake. I had run the Main and the Lower three previous times (separately). I had no clue of the waters between Carey and Hammer. Little did I know that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a guide book that covers the river from Carey Creek all the way to Heller Bar. But fortunately my trip mates did and they all had the guidebook. I felt kind of like a rookie. Duh, do some research. (The Lower Salmon River Boating Guide, Vinegar Creek to Heller Bar, BLM) We launched on August 19th. That was set by the permit. In our planning session we discussed being off the Snake River for the Labor Day Weekend because of the insane jet boat traffic we would likely encounter. This made or take-out day fixed to September 2nd. We had 80 miles to do on the Main,

McKenzie River

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Middle Fork of the Salmon River

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Molalla River

Molalla River (Three Bears) Log Hazards ~ If your plans this Winter or Spring include boating the Molalla river (Three Bears Section), be familiar with two potential log problems. There's a wedged log at Baby Bear Rapids that is blocking the left…
1-26-2020 After many messages, scanning river gauges, and phone calls Saturday, a group ofhardy boaters looking for some high water fun decided on the Molalla river for a Sunday funday. The river was coming back up and we estimated the flow to be…

N Santiam River

Trip report written by Norma Allensworth, photos by Norma Allensworth and Jo Wright Wilderness First Aid Class needed to happen the first Saturday of October -- traditionally the weekend for the North Santiam Fall Colors Float. Saturday, October 12,…

N Umpqua River

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Rogue River

A sweep boat is a large inflatable raft most commonly found in Idaho, and is viewed as the gear boat of choice by most outfitters on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Just like an oar boat uses oars and a paddle boat uses paddles, the sweep boat driver uses “sweeps” off the bow and stern to steer. At first glance, the sweep boat may appear
(02/17/2021, Graves Creek to Foster Bar, rising to approximately 12,000 cfs)  Sometime in January, I got a text from my friend Pete about a Rogue river trip happening in February. Now Pete has been very consistent to invite this northern Oregon boater on his southern Oregon trips, and I have really wanted to accept those offers. Finally, the stars aligned, and February 17th I started my journey to the mighty Rogue river.   The forecast for both river levels and rain were on the juicy side. We launched from Graves Creek into a greenish to brown c

Sandy River

01/01/2021 Dodge to Oxbow 3800cfs. On January 1st, OWA members rang in the New Year on the Sandy River as they usually do; however, with some differences this year due to Covid. Usually this New Years Day run is a collaborative event with Team…
A Last Float with River Friends, Written by Crista Wakefield When I agreed to write the trip report for the New Year run down the Sandy River I was planning on writing about the spike in river levels, the number of swims, the carnage, etc. but what…

Snake River

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SF Salmon River

South Fork Salmon 06/27/2020 3.9 ft (with a day run on the SF Payette). When I look back and think about our trip down the South Fork of the Salmon river, the first thing I remember is how loud it was. There was so much water moving though that…


90/12/21 Tieton River Rimrock Campground to "Bridge Two" 1850cfs. Tieton,Washington State, Yakima Valley Drainage. As many of you know each September while most of our favorite river runs have dried up, the dam keepers of Rimrock Lake open the…
Sometime around 2010, I was running the Tieton dam on the right as I usually do (it's where the most fun ride is). I was running an Aire Ocelot at the time. As I reached the edge, I saw a boat bobbing in the wave at the bottom. There were no…

Washougal River

12/23/20 Big Eddy to Hathaway Park 7.5 feet After a couple of days of good hard winter rains, numerous local rivers around the Portland/Vancouver area are normally roaring and pumping with life. One river in particular is the Washougal River tucked…

Wind River

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White Salmon River

Other Rivers

08/28/21 A canoe trip from below the confluence of North and South Forks of Coeur d'Alene River to river right just before the East Canyon Road bridge, cfs 380.
Lake Creek, Alaska: Chelatna Lake to the Yentna River. 54 miles and a lot of fish! About five years ago I told Nate about this river I’d heard of in Alaska that is supposed to have rapids and be a great fishery. Class IV rapids mixed with all five…
After several days of heavy rains back in January of this year, the Toutle River spiked to a monstrous flow of 20,000 cfs! At which point I was wondering, how high is actually too high for either rafting or cat-boating the Toutle. I’ve run the 10…
02/04/2021 5 miles upriver to Kilchis River Campground, Wilson at 6.1 ft at Tillamook When recruiting people for the Kilchis River most didn’t know it was a river and the others that had heard of it asked “Isn’t that a kayak run?”  Well, it is a…