Trip Report: N Umpqua River - June 2019, 1500 cfs

Wild and Scenic North Umpqua River

Submitted by Cathy Tyler

The annual joint trip of OWA and NWRA members on the North Umpqua was a huge success with a wonderful dutch oven cook-off pot luck held Saturday evening.

This was my husband, Bretts, and my first OWA trip. We rolled into Horseshoe Bend Campground about 7:00 PM Friday evening, where we were greeted by Walt Bammann of NWRA. He directed us to a campsite, where we soon started making new friends.

We had not brought our raft with us, but soon secured rides for Saturday. Brett was on Walts paddle raft, and I was on Bill Gosss cataraft. We thank them both for a great day!

The weather was wonderful with temperatures in the low 80s, with the occasional thunderhead for interest, and water temps in the low 50s, to keep us cool.

Saturday we had one paddle raft, four catarafts, four oar rafts, and four IKs. The river flow at 1,500 CFS was wonderful. Plenty of water, lots of fun. To add interest here and there, a little rock kissing was done. A few swims from the IKs added excitement. Nothing was too serious. Much fun was had by all.

A Merganser Mama was spotted, with very young ducklings in tow. We saw Canada geese with large goslings, many little gray dippers, and assorted other birds. Beautiful steep forested banks were covered with ferns and other greenery with one lovely waterfall coming in on river right. There was some fire damage, but it barely detracted from the beauty of the lovely canyon. Did I mention the crystal clear water!?!

If you have not been on this river, you need to get there soon!!

For the Saturday evening pot luck and dutch oven cook-off, a few more NWRA members arrived, as well as OWA member Chrissy, who had car trouble and so missed Saturday on the river. The food was plentiful and delicious! First place in entrees went to a yummy chicken pot pie.  NWRA members took all but one of the prizes. I managed a modest second place in desserts with my pineapple upside down cake.

Sunday there were fewer of us on the river. One cataraft, two oar boats, and two IKs. We had cleaner runs, and I didnt see any swims from the IKs, I dont think I missed any. We got an earlier start, and were off the river by 2:10 PM.  It was another wonderful day!

Thank you Carl and Reed for taking us in your oar boat, and letting us paddle assist! A big Thank You! to OWA and NWRA for a great weekend on a beautiful river!